Travel trailers, tiny houses and such

Although I’m still not in the market yet, I spend a lot of time looking at sites and videos about everything from apartments to tiny houses to light weight travel trailers.  My desire to travel keeps me from being willing to settle on something fixed. An apartment is probably not going to suit me until I’m too old to travel.

I have lived in rental apartments and also in my own house, so I can appreciate the idea of owning what I live in. That is why I am still so interested in a travel trailer. Because I’ve shed myself of nothing but the bare minimum of stuff, I don’t need much room.  So as I do my research I tend to seek out the smallest trailers available. 

Even though these are really cool looking and easy enough to pull, since it is going to be my house, it must have all I need and  especially all I want.  Even though I’ve become very minimal in my needs, I have no desire to track down places to shower or use the bathroom. By attaching solar panels I can have a supply of electricity and these rigs mostly have a way to keep water onboard for showers. 

I’ve ruled out the wetbath as a way to have both an onboard toilet and shower. There is something icky about combining these two. 

Without getting anything too big, there seems to be plenty of trailers with a separate toilet and shower, some that even include a sink although not having one in the bathroom would not be a deal breaker. Since the kitchen would have one, I would not be opposed to shaving or brushing my teeth there. A floor plan like the one below would be okay. 

As I look around at these I find that a lot of space is taken up with a queen size bed. I’ve become accustomed to only a twin so more than that would be wasted on me. Another thing I’ve found is that a lot of space is taken up with dining booths.

I am pretty sure I could get by with something about half this size or even just a tray to eat on. I don’t see any reason to be equipped for company in a travel trailer.  The queen bed and the table for four very much contradicts the space provided for clothes. I would rather have a smaller bed, a smaller dining area but more space for clothes. A little more floor space wouldn’t hurt either.

All this makes me wonder if I would be better off purchasing an older trailer and modifying it. The problem with this is that I don’t tend to be very gifted in this area and could tear things up. I could end up worse off than how I started. I’d also have to borrow or rent tools an equipment and have a place to do the conversion and stay until it’s done. 

I’m also looking at tiny houses that are supposed to be meant for someone on the move. The problem I see with these is that they don’t appear to be very aerodynamic. They look too much like a traditional house from the exterior. Why can’t someone come up with a hybrid? Perhaps they already have. If so please point me in the right direction as I would definitely like to see some.