When you realize you’re not a blogger

For years I have tried to convince myself that blogging is for me. I had hopes of becoming a great writer. When I realized I did not have the drive to do what it takes to author a novel, I thought that maybe blogging would be more my style. After my first blog, mostly stories about the life I had before losing my wife to cancer, was unsuccessful, I tried again with this current site. Both times the number of visitors was so low that my efforts to create readable material seemed a waste of time. For a while it felt somewhat therapeutic to share some things. But the goal of a blogger is more than just an online journal. That is what diaries are for. Perhaps if I had been the type of person who kept a life long journal or diary, I’d then have a collection of stories to share. But most of what I’ve written has been uninspiring and not even entertaining.

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post. Now that I visit my site today I realized that my opinions and the things I have to say are not anything that the general public has a desire to read. If you are going to be a writer, journalist or blogger you must have something to say and a passion for your message. Perhaps one day, I will find that I have a story that needs a voice but for now this is not the case. So this site will eventually fade away and My Hallway will be no more until one day when I am inspired to try again. So long for now.

No time for giving thanks

Retailers have pulled Halloween candy from the shelves and are already replacing it with Christmas. When I was a kid there were shelves full of Thanksgiving decorations. Society has become a place where giving thanks is not a thing anymore especially if it is toward God. Why spend time thanking Him for what you already have when it’s time to start shopping for a bunch of stuff you probably don’t even really need?

There’s no profit in Thanksgiving so retailers aren’t really interested. There’s no exchange of gifts so kids and adults alike just use it as something to fill the gap between Halloween and Christmas. There used to be pictures of Pilgrims and Indians gathered together at a banquet. You can’t have this anymore because someone will be offended. You cannot associate any holiday or event with Christianity because the mention of Jesus is a no-no.

Christmas used to be the time to attend a church service and then get home to open a few presents. Now a lot of people I’ve talked to over the years start shopping for Christmas shortly after New Years. It seems like December should be ample time to pick up a few gifts. Do we really need 2 months?¬† Or 6? or 8?

It’s hard to commercialize Thanksgiving further although it’s already been reduced to sales of turkeys. I’m not one who enjoys going around the table reciting what everyone is thankful for. But there should at least be a small place in the heart for God as we approach the day that was set aside for giving thanks.

Who are you trying not to offend

I just read an article about a band who had their photo taken with a well known public figure. The point of the article was whether the band worried about having a photo with this person. Their response was that taking a photo with someone does not mean agreement with everything that person says.

This begs the question of how much time and effort we spend thinking or worrying about who we might offend. That seems like a lot of work though many in the public eye apparently are expected to pre-plan every action with that concern in mind. Like most people, I am surrounded by those with a completely different and often opposing world view.

The media asks mostly stupid questions when interviewing someone. Questions like, ‘Do you feel like having a photo taken with (pick anyone) could damage your image?’ The obvious answer is of course! We live in a time when offending anyone is as egregious an act as doing physical harm. So standing next to someone, taking a photo together, having lunch together, crossing the street at the same time, standing in the same line for anything at all makes you a part of that person’s agenda. Give me a break.

I could hear the voices saying ‘Well you certainly would not want to say or do anything that might be considered offensive’. I wouldn’t? Really? Offensive to who? If I was to assume that half of everyone disagrees with half of what I believe then half my time would have to be spent tailoring my words and actions to keep from being offensive. I’m exhausted by the thought.

The trick is to learn not to be offended at anything, even if it comes from someone whose effort is deliberately meant to provoke the maximum degree of offense imaginable. I would much rather have a very honest conversation and take a chance to offend or be offended than to have to adjust for much of societies’ lack of fortitude and inability to live in a world where not everyone is in agreement.

No one should need a safe space or require therapy because someone challenged their ideas. Nor should anyone have to justify his or her own beliefs. That isn’t to say that believing in something makes it right. Saying anything doesn’t make it right. But don’t expect everyone else to agree with you or to accept what you think as legitimate. And don’t get all bent out of shape because they disagreed with you.

Social justice and political correctness have replaced proper manners.

There is an awful lot of discussion these days about what is meant by freedom of speech. I cannot address with any authority, the legalities of what freedom of speech implies. I cannot offer expertise on libel or slander.

The old adage about not being able to shout fire in a crowded theater certainly holds true. Maybe not if there really is a fire? I’m not going to discuss that here though.

Is telling a deliberate lie expressing free speech? Some would say so. Is protesting or screaming to prohibit someone else from speaking, expressing your right to free speech? Many would argue in favor of this.

My question about free speech is much simpler and basic. Are manners no longer relevant? Is being polite a thing of the past?

As children most of us are taught not to lie, not to interrupt, to use our inside voice, to say please and thank you, not to be rude. Apparently there must be a statute of limitations on the positive things we are taught as children or perhaps there is an expiration date for civility.

Free speech now seems to be determined by those who see themselves as the arbiter of what is hateful or acceptable. The preferences of a few outweigh those of the many. If someone doesn’t like what I have to say, he or she has authorized themself to silence opposing views.

I have been told on many occasions that I cannot say certain things. Problem is, I’ve already said it, will likely say it again and do not recognize any authority of the person telling me what I can and cannot say.

It isn’t even that I’m lying, shouting or being rude. If this was the case then correcting me might be appropriate. No it isn’t that. It is political correctness which is what has replaced the manners we were taught as children. Now instead of civility being the norm, it is our words and thoughts that are being silenced by those who have claimed the right to do so.

Today is the Independence Day. We broke away from tyranny seeking freedom. Now, those who think they have the right to do so feel it’s okay to control the speech and thoughts of others. I for one am not having it.

I’m judging you…and I hope you’re judging me.

Don’t judge me! We hear it all the time. A lot of the time it is said in jest. Maybe you overfilled your plate or ate something unhealthy and you notice everyone staring in your direction.

Obviously not what this post is about. A lot of people have a view that says “Don’t Judge Me”. Don’t hold me accountable for my words or actions. Let me do what I want and say what I want without any consequences or negative opinions. Just let me be who I am. What right to you have to be my judge?

I regret to inform you that everyone has the right if not an obligation to judge. If you don’t think so, then you are either a fool or a liar.

Do you have friends? How did you choose them? Have you ever stopped being someone’s friend because the relationship became toxic? What about a spouse or significant other? Did you simply take up with the first person available? I hope not.

What does the Bible say about not judging. It basically says if you judge another person, you must be willing to be judged by an equal standard. I’m very okay with this. That is the safeguard, the check and balance.

Now if you are getting the impression that we should all go around verbally passing judgement on each other then you haven’t a clue about what I’m talking about. Judgement should, for the most part, be absolutely silent and discreet. It should be that part of you that says “this is a bad idea”.

Ever interview for a job? What do you think is happening? Are you not being judged and are you not at the same time sizing up the person sitting across from you?

Being judgemental has been given a bad rap over the years. Just like with profiling, we are afraid to admit that we see others for who they really are. We pretend that we have no opinions about how others act. Much of this is a result of political correctness. By judging others we fear being labeled homophobic, racist, sexist, intolerant, discriminatory. Well I’m here to say enough of that.

If you want to walk around with blinders on pretending that you don’t have any idea when others are acting without any common sense you certainly have that right. If you are afraid to be honest or to point out hypocrisy that’s fine. But you are only fooling yourself.

America has become a very strange place. People are afraid to speak the truth because of whom it may offend or to be perceived as judgemental. Like I said, you don’t need to go around pointing out everyone’s faults. But be honest with yourself and others too.

Pretending everything is okay and acceptable does a disservice to everyone.

Are you secure in your convictions?

When you are insecure about what you believe, you have to convince others to agree. People in this category become angry when others don’t buy into what their selling. The more people they can convince to agree with them with nothing to back them up, the less proof they need.

This insecurity breeds contempt for anyone on the opposite of one’s political, social and even religious spectrum. As a Christian I am happy to share my faith with anyone who is interested. Whether you agree with my faith is not my concern. This is not true of other religions who feel you must be slaughtered if you are of another faith.

Another example of this is the climate change mythology. When Al Gore created this religious cult, he knew that it would make him lots of money. He has done a great job of convincing many that it’s a real thing. He is one heck of a salesman. I don’t have any problem with those who have bought into his ideas. I feel sorry for them as in my mind they are in the same category as flat-earthers and adults who still believe in the tooth fairy. But neither of these groups are out to force me to join them in their fantasies.

Apparently these folks are secure enough not to need my affirmation, which is rather funny when you think about it. You would be ridiculed for denying global warming but not for believing in a round earth. Figure that one out.

This is a short post but I hope it gives you reason to think about your own beliefs and conviction. Are you secure enough in them not to care what others believe? Or is anyone who disagrees with you cause for an argument or offense?

We live in a fake society 

Anyone watching the news should have no argument with the title of this post. Our society has indeed been overrun with the fake. Although our President has been quick to point out the trend of fake news I submit that this fakeness permeates our entire culture. And by the way, in case there is any question of where I stand, Trump is correct, most news is not at all news but a distribution of leftist philosophy. 

What besides the news is fake? For one, gender identification. No longer satisfied with how they were born, there are some who have decided that not only are they a member of the opposite of their physical sex and gender, but they have come up with and ever growing list of other possibilities. These other genders are fake. They do not exist except as an artificial construct.

The new rule is, if the obvious is not adequate, add complications. Looking down past your waist should be a sufficient method of determining whether you are a boy or girl. But, no, this is too simple. Common sense is just too simple a tool for the deviant mind. And when I say deviant I am not referring only to sexuality.

A fake view of life also spills over into the realm of the unborn. Once upon a time if you made something alive become dead, you killed it. But this is way too simple, like the new fake descriptions of gender, we cannot call a baby, a baby. We cannot call someone who is alive, alive or someone who is dead, dead. The fake term here is abortion. Deviant thinkers have decided that the rules needed to be changed to remove the guilt associated with murder. How very convenient for them. At one time when a couple found out they were pregnant, they announced the expectation of a baby. Now, it isn’t really a baby, unless he or she is wanted. I predict that abortion, the fake name for murder, will eventually, sooner than later, start to be applied any time an unwanted or inconvenient life is taken away. Old people, the handicapped and babies, even those who make it out of the womb, will be murdered but it will be called abortion.

Fake rights are being created all the time. A gay couple can demand to be married. This is a fake right since two people of the same sex are not even a couple. Best friends, roommates, but not a couple. Same sex couples and same sex marriage are fake names for deviant behavior. 

From the same people who insist on the right to be a couple comes another fake right. The right to insist that every one else caters to their wants and desires. The “couple” who insisted that Christian bakers deny their own identity and rights in order to satisfy and help perpetuate the gay agenda would not have complied if the roles were reversed. 

Another fake right is the right not to be offended or have to allow others to speak their own mind. There is no such thing as a public safe space. Unless you wish to enter your own home and lock the door, there is no where else where you have the right to silence anyone who with whom you disagree or forbid their presence. 

This has brought rise to innumerable fake societal concepts. Social justice is another fake term that dares to violate my right to think or speak of ideas that are not politically correct. Of course political correctness is just another fake term for deviants to rule over traditionalists. 

I hope this post upsets you and triggers you in every way possible. Maybe then people will start using common sense again.