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When you realize you’re not a blogger

For years I have tried to convince myself that blogging is for me. I had hopes of becoming a great writer. When I realized I did not have the drive to do what it takes to author a novel, I thought that maybe blogging would be more my style. After my first blog, mostly stories about the life I had before losing my wife to cancer, was unsuccessful, I tried again with this current site. Both times the number of visitors was so low that my efforts to create readable material seemed a waste of time. For a while it felt somewhat therapeutic to share some things. But the goal of a blogger is more than just an online journal. That is what diaries are for. Perhaps if I had been the type of person who kept a life long journal or diary, I’d then have a collection of stories to share. But most of what I’ve written has been uninspiring and not even entertaining.

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post. Now that I visit my site today I realized that my opinions and the things I have to say are not anything that the general public has a desire to read. If you are going to be a writer, journalist or blogger you must have something to say and a passion for your message. Perhaps one day, I will find that I have a story that needs a voice but for now this is not the case. So this site will eventually fade away and My Hallway will be no more until one day when I am inspired to try again. So long for now.

2 thoughts on “When you realize you’re not a blogger

  1. I enjoyed your blogs, especially those that were heart felt on your part. Sorry to see you go, but do not stay away too long. You have a message for those who are hurting. Pray about it, and let God put you on the right path. God Bless You.


  2. Those who sing raise their voice even if they cannot be heard. Runners run without racing anyone but themselves, and they become better at it by doing so. If you ask me, the motivation to write is not inspired by one’s drive or the ability to articulate a message that consumers will ingest. Writing is about creating – your instinctual need to create. God gave you this ability – don’t use it to write yourself out.

    As a writer, your skill lies in crafting stories. That makes it easy, if you don’t naturally think positively, to find a suitable ending for every effort: blogging for example. Perhaps writing on this particular site is not critical, but don’t stop creating. You have a voice. Practice using it and do it for all the reasons that matter.


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