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Get rid of all the things – Part VII

A few days ago I finally got rid of my largest and heaviest piece of furniture. For years a beautiful wood china cabinet had to be loaded and unloaded any time we moved. It displayed all of our wedding china and silverware. Now of course I have no need or use for such things. As is the way with minimalism, you get rid of that which is no longer useful or ceases to bring joy. As a widowed man, living alone, I can think of no occasion where I would need to pull out “the good china”.

And so, having fully embraced the idea of owning as little as possible, without any hesitation, and after lowering the selling price to a pathetic amount, I watched as this heirloom went out the door and onto the floor on the buyer’s flatbed trailer.

There are still many thing with which I need to part but I am not placing any pressure on myself to meet any deadlines. As it becomes convenient to find homes for the rest I will do so. Recently a coworker casually mentioned that she was about to shop for a large crockpot. Having replaced mine with a much smaller version, I was delighted to give her the large one, making both of us happy.

When a lounge chair broke a couple of weeks ago, although I was momentarily disappointed that I could no longer use it, I admit total satisfaction as I dumped it into the trash. An armchair that I am still using will stay until I no longer live in my current apartment. The same goes for an old school desk that is somewhat of an antique. The chair will find a home with one of my kids and so will the desk. For now neither is in my way. It won’t be long before the washer becomes non-functional after which I have no problem seeking out a local laundromat. There are no plans to burden myself with a replacement.

I’ve made so much progress since starting this journey and in a relatively short time. I could see where this lifestyle is not for everyone. I am glad to find it is working so well for me.

More to come soon.

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