A conservative minimalist

I have heard minimalism associated with a liberal mindset. Tree hugging, saving the planet from people, climate change aka global warming all seem to be associated with the trend toward tiny homes and a simpler lifestyle. While I am all for doing my share not to pollute, I do not consider myself an environmentalist. I am in every sense of the word a conservative. My politics both social and economic are conservative. The traditions I embrace, conservative. My moral and spiritual outlook, conservative.

So I do not feel it is proper to assume that anyone who is in interested in tiny houses, simplifying or minimalism can’t also be a conservative. As you may have read in my previous posts, I am on a mission to reduce my material possessions to as small a load as possible. I have found great satisfaction with each item that I can get rid of. Now that my nest is empty and the love of my life has moved on to her heavenly dwelling, my years of gathering the things that we think we need to be comfortable are over. No longer am I interested in looking around and admiring all that I have accumulated over the years. My greatest assets are my children and grandchildren.

As I look around my apartment and see what’s left of furnishings and trinkets every item is now something which can be weighed for what use it is to me or what satisfaction it brings to me on an emotional level. Less is becoming more. As I divest myself of what no longer has any significance to me, that which remains becomes more valuable because it passed the test of usefulness and intrinsic value. We came into this world with nothing and when we leave there are no material possessions that we can take along. Heaven and the presence of God are their own rewards, so no need for any excess baggage along the way.

Seeing what I can next part with has become an ongoing project. Some items have been more difficult to get rid of, not because of my attachment to them but because people no longer have an interest in them so they are hard to sell. Progress has been very good though and I am greatly satisfied with how much I have already been able to sell or give away. Now that we are in a new year I hope that by the end of it I will have rid myself of everything I no longer want to have around. It gives me a feeling of cleanliness each time I see something go out the door.

In the movie” Everything Must Go”, the main character is forced to get rid of almost all his possessions. I am very glad that this has been my own choice and not a result of any unfortunate circumstances. It makes the journey all the more fun.



Get rid of all the things – Part VI

Hi everyone. Yes, I am still here. Since last writing, I have continued my journey toward simplification and minimalism. I admit that I am not yet where I would like to be. One of my hopes last year was to start working on a cruise ship. Unfortunately, this has not come to pass. I still have hope that maybe I will see this happen but in the meantime, life goes on and there is other work to do.

Every day I look around and see what else I might be able to do without. In many ways, it is easier to live with less. Consider the difference between going to the store to pick up a few things at a great big market and a small local grocery store. Because your choices are less complicated the trip is much shorter. Minimalism is a little like that. Instead of choosing between 5 or 6 different pans and spatulas with which to cook, there might only be one or two. Instead of a couch, several chairs, and a loveseat, my choice is limited to the same armchair and ottoman. When they are worn out, I would like to have something easier to transport, maybe something that folds up or deflates.

Someone recently asked me if I have reached the point where if I moved I could do it with just my car and no van or truck. Although it was meant as a joke or to ridicule me, I have embraced it as a goal. I gave my dresser, chest of drawers and shelves to a family member. My dvds are in neat piles stacked against a wall in the living room next to the tv.  A china cabinet which once held place settings of china, now stands completely empty, waiting for a buyer. The contents are in boxes which I will distribute to my kids and if unwanted will be sold.

The biggest change I have made is in the bedroom. I realized that even if I got rid of all furniture there is still my bed. It is probably the only thing that would need to be moved via a truck or van. To this end, I had to consider alternate ways of sleeping. I ruled out sleeping bags as I am a bit old to sleep on the floor. Cots are not comfortable for long term use. Air mattresses tend to leak and deflate. An option that I had not really considered has turned out to be a winner. After doing some research I read that a hammock can be very comfortable not only for camping but as an indoor bed. After considering several kinds I found that the Brazilian style is best suited for full-time bed use. The cost of hammock and stand was minimal. I paid around fifty bucks with free shipping. I bought the least expensive one I could find, just in case the experiment was a failure.


Last night was my 5th night sleeping in the hammock. I have not always had a good night sleep but this has been due to not having everything set just right. I did not really expect to hop on and be perfect right away. It has been a learning experience. My twin bed in still just a few feet away. Although I have been tempted a couple of times to take the easy way out and just sleep on the bed when the hammock didn’t feel right, I fought this urge and won. Last night was the best of the 5 nights. With a hammock, I can simply fold up the fabric and put in my car if I decide to move. The stand only took about 10 minutes to assemble and came with a carry bag for easy transport. Once I am fully acclimated to the hammock the bed will go on sale. I really love the idea of not being burdened by the traditional bed. I can say that I’d recommend it for a couple but for one person it, so far, has been the answer I was seeking.

Minimalism is a sort of eccentricity. While most people are shopping for bigger and better, the minimalist seeks ways to get by with less. With that comes a quest for the unusual and untraditional. I am liking this way of thinking more and more all the time.